HTC 10 – A Top of the Range Android-Based Smartphone

HTC has been doing lots of innovations and fine tuning the designs of its phones to give them a competitive edge in the market. With every new HTC phone, there is something it can do better compared to previous versions. This is true even for the HTC 10 which according to pundits has a much polished design in addition to its enhanced functionality. This review looks at some of the notable hardware and software features that elevate this phone into a great one.


HTC 10 boasts of aluminum construction coupled with angular edges that give it the industrial aesthetic HTC devices are commonly known for. The phone also has a unibody design which makes it feel solid and further adds to its refined appeal.

Previous HTC models had dual front-facing audio speakers, but this design was done away with in the HTC 10 as the phone comes with a single speaker grille on the top bezel with a home button on the bottom bezel. The home button also doubles as the fingerprint reader.


The HTC 10 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The degree of integration HTC has gone with Google makes virtually every software feature this phone has to be a Google product. For instance, the web browser is Chrome, Play Music is the only music player, and Google photos, is the gallery the phone has.

The HTCs BlinkFeed gives you easy access to news and social network interactions while the playful theme option allows you to customize sections of your interface such as the wallpaper, layout, and app design. The beauty with some of the themes in HTC 10 is that their home screens are not grid line-restricted. This means you can place widgets and apps anywhere.

Sound and Audio

The audio quality of HTC 10 is one of its strongest features. Its dual speakers deliver great sound and when combined with its fancy software technology, its music and movies sound fantastic. Its compatibility with Apple’s AirPlay streaming means you can comfortably stream audio from your handset to an Apple TV as well as other devices that are compatible with Apple’s Wi Fi audio standard.

12 Ultrapixel Camera

The phone camera of HTC 10 takes clear shots and operates smoothly. Both the tap and autofocus work pretty fast and the interface has a brightness meter which allows you to adjust the lighting easily. The optical image stabilization both on the front and back cameras help you to smooth out any quick snapshots, bumpy videos, and rushed selfies.

Fast Processing Performance

Armed with a quad-core, Snapdragon 820 processor, HTC 10 has a much higher clock speed of 2.2 GHz which gives it amazing speed when launching apps, capturing photos, and scanning fingerprints.

The above features combined with its 11 hour 15 minutes 3,000mAh battery, puts the HTC 10 in the league of some of the top Android phones including Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Nexus 6P, and LG G5.

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